Play Car Drift Racing Free

Do you enjoy drifting and you want to get the highest scores? Car Drift Racing is here to help you test your drifting skills and improve them as you see fit.
As you play Car Drift Racing, you will get access to currency that can be used to unlock 8 cars. There are 6 tracks to unlock as well, you can unlock them by getting at least silver on each track. That alone makes the experience more interesting and the unique gameplay will offer you hours upon hours of entertainment! Plus, you are free to customize your car in any way you want.
You can play one of the 3 game modes: Training, Time Attack and Drift Challenge. Each one comes with its own set of challenges and it will bring you multiple hours of fun and excitement all the time.
If you want to better immerse yourself into the driving experience, you can access multiple cameras, including an on-board cam. Car Drift Racing also provides you with a ghost car feature and replay function that will make the gameplay even more exciting and immersive!
Download Car Drift Racing now and test your drifting skills! See if you can beat your best times and challenge your friends to do the same!

– 3 game modes to play through
– 8 cars to unlock
– 6 different tracks
– Complete car customization
– Ghost and replay function
– Beautiful graphics
– Easy to play, hard to master
– Reach silver award to unlock next track


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