Play MegaMind Free

Megamind is a classic puzzle game from the 1970s and is well known as mastermind or superhirn.

The goal is to guess a hidden color code. The computer creates a combination of four colors and hides it at the top of the game board.
Your challenge is to guess this color code by trying out different color combinations.

Place your colored Pins on the board by tapping them. To erase a pin, tap on it on the board. When you are done, click the CHECK MOVE button. Black or white dots will appear to the right of your choices.

If you see a black dot, then you set a color pin on a correct spot in the code.
If you see a white dot, then you set a color pin on a wrong spot in the code – but the color is in the code.

If you don’t see any black or white dots, then your code contains no valid colors. And remember: a black or white dot tells nothing about the position of your pin in the code.

One black pin means that one pin correct placed. Three black pins mean that three pins are correct placed (the fourth pin can’t be white). Two black pins and to white pins mean that two colors are correct, the other two are at a wrong position (and must be swapped).


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